Monday, February 13, 2012

Zap Zap Zappity Zap!

Is that a little gnat buzzing around my back and legs? No, it's our new toy a Neon Wand! Smaller then the Violet Wand, cheaper, and a lower voltage. Yes, at the lowest setting it felt like a pesky little annoying gnat. Sir and I played with the Neon Wand for a short time last night. Trying at different levels and on different areas of my skin. The wand made my muscles jump!

Some locations on my body seemed to not react at all so Sir started randomly zapping spots on my body. Sir started zapping around my ticklish areas and I *really* started jumping... and giggling! Suddenly I saw a spark in Sir's eye. You know that spark I speak of.

"Take off your sock" Sir commanded

Realization sunk in. He meant to zap the bottom of my foot to see my reaction!

"Please, not my foot!" I pleaded.

"Take. Off. Your. Sock." Sir said again.

I knew better then to keep pleading, He would just take the sock off himself.

I took off my sock and presented the bottom of my right foot to Sir. Closing my eyes I waited.

ZAP! I think I nearly jumped off the bed! It both stung a little and tickled!

Sir's final thought "Oh I'm going to have fun with this!"

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  1. Sounds great! And the comparison of the wand on low voltage to an annoying gnat was fairly imaginative and amusing. Glad you're enjoying your new toy! Well, one of them, anyway.