Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mental Tasks

Sir likes to give me mental tasks.

 As I was dropping Sir off at work the other day He said He had a mental task for me. Sir knows that I like the mental tasks just as much as the physical ones. He said I'm going to give you three options but you can only choose one. Then, tonight, you will need to give me an oral explanation as to why you chose what you chose, at least 50 words, and you can't say because it's purple! (as if I would) I have enough money to buy one of the following, a Kindle Fire, new butt plug, or a Neon Wand.

I immediately knew I wanted the Neon Wand but now I had to come up with a reason.

I decided I didn't need the Kindle Fire right now as #hippiechild lets me use hers. As for the butt plug... my current one is a little small, yes, but it still does what it needs to do. So, since technically I already have a Kindle Fire and a butt plug, my next logical choice was the Neon Wand. We truly do enjoy sensory play and have been exploring it further. The Neon Wand will give us an opportunity to try electrical play without having to purchase a Violet Wand, which we can do at a later date. Oh, and it's purple!

After I told Sir my reason He said "Good! I figured as much and went ahead and purchased it, yesterday!"

Scary sometimes how He knows me better then I know myself.

The box arrived yesterday. Not just the Neon Wand but also a feather tickler, aaannnnndddddd.........................................

Our first CANE! *squee*

Can't wait to try them out, although I am a bit scared!


  1. Exciting! Per our discussion I wasn't aware you were close to purchasing one. As electrical play is one of a handful of things we'll probably never actually do, we are looking forward to hearing about your experiences with it!


  2. Neither was I Jack! Sir surprised me with it. It's not a Violet Wand. The Neon Wand is cheaper, smaller, and lower voltage. We played with it last night.

  3. I love the idea of mental tasks. L calls them bonding questions. He's funny - at random moments "Dear, if x were to happen, how would you handle it and why?" He usually selects topics that bring my fiery side to the top. I believe he is teaching my to slow and think without actually telling me that's the point. LOL. I truly hope he doesn't follow my comments or someone will be getting more questions....

    How exciting for the Neon Wand for you. I love how each of us enjoy so many different facets of our sexuality. For ex. if I get a static shock - I am a mess! Yowling and evil words wanting to spew. But I have read of others who this tiny tingly feeling evokes warm yummy honey ones. AND I think that's COOL! Can't wait to read your post about the wand> Isabella

  4. Very cool! This is completely foreign to us; as I said above, we'll probably never actually try this, but we find it fascinating nonetheless. Thanks for the info; we wouldn't be able to tell a Violet Wand from a Neon Wand from the Elder Wand.

    Off to read all about your experience with it!