Sunday, February 26, 2012

A New Type of Orgasm

I know that tickling is a hard limit for some, but not for me. I love to be tickled! Sir loves to hear me laugh, something He says I don't do often enough.

Sir and I were laying in bed, horsing around, foreplay, if you will. Sir started fingering me while I was still laughing from a good tickle. I don't know what made Sir think to do it but as I was reaching climax He started tickling me. Just ever so lightly. Little touch here... little touch there. Before I knew it I reached orgasm while laughing! Sir did it once more. I couldn't believe that I was having an orgasm while Sir tickled me and I laughed!

The most amazing thing ever!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Zap Zap Zappity Zap!

Is that a little gnat buzzing around my back and legs? No, it's our new toy a Neon Wand! Smaller then the Violet Wand, cheaper, and a lower voltage. Yes, at the lowest setting it felt like a pesky little annoying gnat. Sir and I played with the Neon Wand for a short time last night. Trying at different levels and on different areas of my skin. The wand made my muscles jump!

Some locations on my body seemed to not react at all so Sir started randomly zapping spots on my body. Sir started zapping around my ticklish areas and I *really* started jumping... and giggling! Suddenly I saw a spark in Sir's eye. You know that spark I speak of.

"Take off your sock" Sir commanded

Realization sunk in. He meant to zap the bottom of my foot to see my reaction!

"Please, not my foot!" I pleaded.

"Take. Off. Your. Sock." Sir said again.

I knew better then to keep pleading, He would just take the sock off himself.

I took off my sock and presented the bottom of my right foot to Sir. Closing my eyes I waited.

ZAP! I think I nearly jumped off the bed! It both stung a little and tickled!

Sir's final thought "Oh I'm going to have fun with this!"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mental Tasks

Sir likes to give me mental tasks.

 As I was dropping Sir off at work the other day He said He had a mental task for me. Sir knows that I like the mental tasks just as much as the physical ones. He said I'm going to give you three options but you can only choose one. Then, tonight, you will need to give me an oral explanation as to why you chose what you chose, at least 50 words, and you can't say because it's purple! (as if I would) I have enough money to buy one of the following, a Kindle Fire, new butt plug, or a Neon Wand.

I immediately knew I wanted the Neon Wand but now I had to come up with a reason.

I decided I didn't need the Kindle Fire right now as #hippiechild lets me use hers. As for the butt plug... my current one is a little small, yes, but it still does what it needs to do. So, since technically I already have a Kindle Fire and a butt plug, my next logical choice was the Neon Wand. We truly do enjoy sensory play and have been exploring it further. The Neon Wand will give us an opportunity to try electrical play without having to purchase a Violet Wand, which we can do at a later date. Oh, and it's purple!

After I told Sir my reason He said "Good! I figured as much and went ahead and purchased it, yesterday!"

Scary sometimes how He knows me better then I know myself.

The box arrived yesterday. Not just the Neon Wand but also a feather tickler, aaannnnndddddd.........................................

Our first CANE! *squee*

Can't wait to try them out, although I am a bit scared!