Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who Knew?

Who knew that my submissive side ran deep? That I had been hinting at it for years?

I've known my husband since I was 14. We've been married nearly 18 years now.

I have a very outgoing personality. I've been called an extreme extrovert. I don't know strangers, they're just friends I haven't met yet. In real life I'm an advocate for those with the same genetic condition as me (I won't expand here has it is rare & makes me somewhat identifiable, which I wish to remain anonymous at this time), I write for several blogs about this genetic condition to bring awareness. I've an Associates and Bachelors degrees. I'm smart. Intelligent in fact. I have to be domineering and in control at work.

Yet, a text from AP and my subby side kicks in.

I would do anything for AP. Just to make him happy. Making him happy makes me happy. Sappy I know. But it is a love that includes four very important elements.

Heart. Mind. Body. Soul.

He has them all. Always has. Always will.



  1. Welcome to this wonderful world!

  2. It took me a few days to make my way over here, I'm looking forward to following both of you on your journey.