Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thoughts Racing Through My Head

I worry. Too much. I second guess myself. I'm always afraid it's me. That this melancholy and disinterest is somehow my fault. Did I not do something? Did I do something? Did I say something wrong? Am I pushing to fast? Am I too horny? Do I ask/want too much?

The last four months have been absolute bliss. We've gone from going weeks, months even, of not having sex to doing *something* nearly every day. I look forward to going to bed, and try to wrangle Sir into mid-day stuff constantly. I. Want. More.

Until about a week ago. Right after Labor Day Weekend (LDW). We had a fun and busy weekend. Or so I thought. Sir has stopped tweeting/texting me just to say Good Morning and that he loves me. Our Play last Friday, the first one after LDW, felt like something was missing. I did a lot of new things over LDW, he came on my face, I initiated anal for the first time (a story unto itself for another day). Something has changed since then. Sir no longer melts when I give him my subbie adoring/worshiping look. He's stopped asking what I've accomplished that day to earn my reward spankings. Did I do too much at once? Fulfilled too many fantasies already? I want my Sir back. What can I do to help Sir? How do I get my Sir back? What did I do? Is Sir bored with me?

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