Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things Change… Or do They?

I've been asked for an update. However, there's not much to write about. We've not 'played' in over a month. We started exploring kink almost a year ago. Along the way I've discovered some things about myself, and Sir. Furthermore, discovering I was kinky wasn't so much a shock as how much I enjoy being this new person.

I discovered who I am years ago, be that as it may, one can never stop exploring and learning. Just when one thinks they've got themselves all figured out life throws another kink into the chain. (Pun intended!)

Right now I'm settling into my new persona yet at the same time attempting to keep myself restrained, on some level, so that I don't get too far ahead of Sir.

Sorry this post isn't of my usual type. I thought my loyal reader(s?) might appreciate an update.

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  1. We always enjoy reading what's going on in your life, whether it's a rundown of a recent play session, or something more along the lines of a general update. It is appreciated.

    Reading about your "new persona" was particularly interesting to us. We consider our (relatively) kinky sides to be separate personæ from our day to day selves that our family and vanilla friends know. For the longest time we thought that these separate personæ were alter egos that we adopt in order to be sexually free before resuming life as our real selves.

    Then one day it occurred to us that our sexual sides WERE our true identities; it is our outwardly vanilla, PG sides that are our "masks", if you will, which we wear in order to fit into an increasingly touchy, sex-negative society.

    More info here, should you care to read: