Thursday, December 1, 2011

Discoveries: Hard Limits & Turn Ons

For me the hardest part of writing a post is a title. I don't know why. I can write an entire post in my head but I can't think of a good title. Something not to long, not to short, something eye catching. Same thing when I was writing papers in school. I can write a ten page paper, double spaced, with citations and footnotes, but the title is the last thing I come up with. And I agonize over it!

Discovery of a New Hard Limit:

     Sir has already written about this discovery. We both agreed to try it. I didn't know how I would react. Sir didn't know how I would react. I thought for sure that spanking/paddling would be a harder limit for me. Some memories are newer. My parents spanking, let me rephrase that, my mothers spanking only went till I was about 12, or she broke the paddle on my butt, whichever happened first, I don't remember. After that she slapped, or backhanded. Till I moved out. She would leave hand-prints on my face. I guess that stuck with me more then spanking. I'm not sure how the scene started. It wasn't important. Sir has patted my face before, or done a soft tap. Nevertheless He had never outright hit me in the face. I know some women like it. In 18 years of marriage my Husband had never ever lifted a hand to me in anger or otherwise.

     Sir had been pounding me, fucking me, for some time. He stopped for a rest and I looked up at Him. Then I felt stinging. A slow realization came across my face. The tears started. I tried to hide my face. I wanted it to be okay. For Him. For me. I didn't want it to be bad. I could feel the heat on my face. From His hand. The outline. I could feel the panic climbing. Wondering if another one would follow. Flashbacks to my mothers face in my face. She would hit one side then backhand the other side. I don't know where the panic came from. I needed to get away. Sir took control. Wrapped me in His arms. Wouldn't let me hide my face. Told me to let it out. That it was okay. It would never happen again. Later he told me the look on my face was one of fear. Terrorizing fear. I sobbed and sobbed. Remembering the look on Sir's face when he realized my reaction. Just a glimpse. Then Sir went into Super After Care mode.

Discovery of a Turn-On:

     I finally stopped sobbing and Sir got me to laugh. I don't remember what He said/did to make me laugh but it helped. To show Sir I was okay I started sucking on His cock. I took Him from soft to hard to orgasm. I licked. I fondled. I sucked. I wanted to give Sir one of the best blowjobs I had ever given him, and in 18 years that's a lot of blowjobs! After Sir had His release I crawled up to Him on all fours and laid my head on His chest. Sir knows that my giving Him a blowjob makes me wet, and hornier then fuck. I'm still on all fours but my head is now on His shoulder. Sir started fingering my pussy and my clit. As I felt myself climaxing Sir growled in my ear...

                    "Cum for me. You were brave. You're my Good Girl and I. Love. You."

     As soon as I heard the words "Good Girl" and "I Love You" I came. I squirted all over the bed. Soaked the sheets. As I was cumming a low purr/growl rose from my throat. Sir quietly chuckled and I heard "That's my Girl. My Good Girl." I hid my face in His shoulder. I wanted that moment to last forever. I had never before cum because of something He said. I loved it.

We didn't get to do another scene, of any type, until Sir got back from Thanksgiving vacation visiting family. I think we needed the break. I was a little afraid of how our next scene would go. For all that I think it went just fine. Tonight we will be playing with new toys. I can't wait!

Till next time, play rough! 


  1. Lovely post. You two are very in-tune with each other. It's beautiful to see.

  2. Your attitude and enthusiasm about giving blowjobs is admirable. I love the fact that Jill feels the same way, that she is as turned on by them as I am (maybe even moreso), and that she always strives to make me cum. Your description of cumming - and soaking the sheets - was very arousing for me to read, and it shows the connection that you and he so obviously share. Very inspiring.